We have a special obsession with our Jacques Durand collection. In our opinion, these are the most comfortable, natural cotton-based acetate frames made.


The line is created by a master optician with a passion for timeless design and quality. The temples are meticulously shaped to gently yet firmly hug the wearer, giving the perfect amount of tension for a solid and comfortable feel.

Jacques Durand tortoise eyeglasses with matte finished frame front

Another unique feature is the polished frame front. This hand polished front gives each frame added dimension, taking a seemingly simple color like solid black and making it transform depending on the viewing angle. Soft, more elegant shapes are made more dramatic using this feature, while bolder shapes are softened. You will certainly find yourself intrigued by this design element the first time you see it in person.

Jacques Durand clear eyeglasses with matte finish 

Durability is another hallmark of the Jacques Durand collection. At King and Rose, quality is our first requirement when selecting eyewear. The acetate and production methods used by Jacques Durand result in a frame that will be long-wearing and hold its contour and shape.

The entire hand-crafted process occurs in Europe and for the sake of transparency each frame comes with a card detailing the origin and manufacture of the frame. The collection is ever changing while remaining true to its classic and timeless style. If you are in Austin you can peruse our current inventory in our showroom or contact us with any product questions. Here are several of our favorite frames from the collection. 

Jaques Durand light tortoise round frame

Jacques Durand light tortoise acetate frame

Jacques Durand blue handmade acetate frame

Jacques Durand blue acetate frame

Jacques Durand purple acetate frameJacques Durand green acetate frameJacques Durand petite trinidad acetates frames

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