Eye Exams


Have you ever wondered why eye exams have to be so complicated? We wondered the same thing and designed our eye exams to be different. We streamline all your testing to be performed in the same room. The doctor gathers all necessary measurements and reviews your vision and eye health needs from start to finish. Our goal is to make your optometrist experience easy, comfortable, and efficient.

We start by reviewing your questions and concerns about your vision. If you are a new patient, please be sure to bring in any old prescriptions, old eyeglasses, and any old boxes of packets of contact lenses. By knowing what you have been using and seeing through, this gives the doctor a good foundation for the eye exam process. After reviewing your history, the doctor will perform some basic test to measure visual acuity, eye teaming, peripheral vision, and pupil response. After these preliminary tests we will take curvature measurements of you eye with a sophisticated measuring instrument to get an idea of how much nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism you have. This test also gives some of the necessary measurements to help us provide a thorough contact lens evaluation.

After gathering information from this test, the optometrist will perform a refraction. This process gives us valuable subjective information about what type of prescription gives you clear and comfortable vision. Remember, this is a no-stress test! Go with your first instinct and know that our experienced optometrist has performed this test over 40,000 times – we will not let you give us the wrong answer.

After the refraction is completed the doctor will examine the health of the front of your eyes using a microscope. This microscope allows the doctor to check for corneal problems related to contact lens wear, cataracts, allergies, dry eye, infection, or any other unknown problems. The doctor will then use a special lens to look inside the eye to check for glaucoma, macular degeneration, blood vessel disease, or any abnormalities of the retina.

The next step is checking your eye pressure. Good news! At King and Rose we have the newest method of checking eye pressure, the i-care tonometer. This measures the eye pressure without the need for the dreaded air-puff and without the need for eyedrops. It uses a hair-thin probe and magnet to take a microsecond measurement of the eye pressure. Its very accurate and patients prefer it hands down over that pesky air puff.

If you are updating a prescription for contact lenses the doctor will then perform a contact lens evaluation. Based on your specific needs, vision, and eye health, the doctor will recommend the best contact lens material and wear cycle for you. We will give you a pair of soft contact lenses in your new prescription and evaluate your vision and the lens movement on your eye. The doctor will then review proper cleaning and maintenance of your lenses and answer any questions you have. In the event that we do not have your contact lenses in the office, we will order a pair of trial lenses in your prescription and have you back to complete the contact lens evaluation.


At King and Rose we diagnose and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct for myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (curvature irregularity), and presbyopia (loss of focusing). We are experts at refractions and correcting vision with eyeglasses and contact lenses. The King and Rose approach to prescribing eyeglasses lenses is based on the fact that for every level of prescription, frame, and person there is a specific lens material and glare-free coating that will work best. The doctor and our experienced opticians will always recommend the best lens for you based on your needs. We have streamlined our lens options to be able to offer you the absolute best lenses at the best value in Austin.

All of our eyeglass lenses come standard with premium glare-free, UV, and scratch resistant coatings along with a one-year replacement warranty against scratches due to normal use.

For people with high astigmatism or very high prescriptions we use advanced digital single vision lenses to provide much clearer vision and a more comfortable eyeglass experience. Digital lenses help to minimize the “fishbowl” effect often experienced by people with high prescriptions. The vision through a digital lens feels more natural, similar to vision through contact lenses. Our standard lenses are HD, and our digital lenses are like 4K TV. For our progressive lens options, we have selected only the best digital freeform progressive lens designs and packaged them at a price that cannot be beat for the level of quality we provide. Many opticals do a one-size-fits-all progressive lens. This doesn’t allow them to maximize the quality of distance, intermediate, and near vision that is so important in a progressive lens. Our experienced optometrist and optician will ask questions and select your lens and frame to maximize the vision and comfort through your new progressive lenses.

The starting point for people with low prescriptions is standard polycarbonate lenses with glare-free coating, UV, and scratch resistance. These lenses are thin, lightweight, and impact resistant. For better optical clarity and more scratch resistant material, we recommend our Trivex lens. For high prescriptions we use 1.67 or 1.74 Hi-index lenses the make the lenses as thin as possible while providing excellent optical clarity. We get customers from all over Austin because of our excellent lens options and curated frame selections. One of our favorite things is to take someone that didn’t think they could look great in eyeglasses because of their high prescription and find something perfect for them.

Even though making you see more clearly is our specialty, we do more than just prescribe glasses and contact lenses. Your comprehensive eye health evaluation is meant to keep your vision and eye health in tip top shape by making preventative recommendations and uncovering any early signs of disease. We treat dry eye, eye allergies, eye infections, and diagnose and monitor diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal tears, corneal degenerations, macular degeneration, and many others. We also co-manage LASIK and multifocal IOL surgery with the best surgeons in Austin. If a condition that arises during your visit that requires surgery or more specialized testing, we have a network of specialists that we know and trust to make sure you receive the best care possible.

Cash Pay vs Insurance Options

We all know insurance can be confusing so we take great care to maximize your benefits to make sure you get the best value for your dollar. As in-network providers for VSP, EyeMed, Superior Vision, Spectera, and BCBS you can be certain that we will help you find the best value on high quality eyewear, eye exams, and contact lenses that fit your budget.

No insurance no problem! We have low simplified self-pay pricing for eye exams, contact lens exams and contact lenses. Our lenses offer you the highest quality at the best value with single vision lenses starting at just $99. We are also experts with high prescriptions and optimizing your vision from progressive lenses. All of our lenses achieve the best optical clarity and come pre-packaged with glare-free, scratch resistant, and UV coatings, at a value that simply can’t be beat.

How are we able to offer prices this low for a such a high level of quality and service? By only offering the best, we are able to lower our costs on these lenses and services and pass the savings on to you.