Eye care

Our Austin optometrist, Dr. Drew Provost has a simple and comprehensive approach to optimal eye care. He takes a preventative approach when it comes to vision correction and maintaining your eye health. Annual wellness eye exams are critical in order to monitor vision and detect early signs of eye disease.

The first step during your annual wellness exam is a consultation with the optometrist to determine your visual needs and any eye health concerns. Dr. Provost then starts by gathering measurements of the front surface of the eye and checking your vision. A refraction is then performed. This is the part of the examination where your subjective responses help fine tune your best eyeglass prescription. With over thirteen years as a practicing optometrist, Dr. Provost is an expert at making this part of the exam stress-free and efficient. With the help of experience and technology, the refraction is streamlined for maximum comfort and accuracy.

After the refraction is performed, Dr. Provost will perform the eye health evaluation.

He tests your eye pressure with a new instrument called an i-care tonometer. This method of testing the eye pressure does not require the dreaded air-puff and does not require eyedrops. Then your eye health is evaluated. He examines the front of the eye with a special microscope and then uses special lenses to evaluate the interior eye health. In some cases, dilation is used to help the doctor see the interior structures of the eye. This simple and comprehensive health testing, if performed on a regular basis, will help keep you seeing clearly and detect and sight threatening issues at an early stage, so they may be closely monitored or treated.

Prescribing the right glasses and contact lenses is key to maximizing your vision. By taking the time to understand your specific visual needs, Dr. Provost is able to recommend the best eyeglass lenses, coatings, and contact lenses. At King and Rose, our goal is always to provide the best quality lenses, frames, and contact lenses at the best value possible.

In addition to recommending the best eyeglasses and contact lenses for vision correction, our optometrist will also treat and monitor eye disease to help you maintain optimal health. From dry eye and allergy treatment to our trusted network of eye surgeons, we have the solution for any of you eye health needs. Schedule you exam today and start yourself on the process to seeing clearly and maintaining your sight for years to come.