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King and Rose Optical Introduces Optomap Retinal Scanners at Our Austin Office

Introducing the latest technology to provide the best eye care in town

King and Rose Optical continuing its trend to introduce the latest eye care technology now brings you Optomap retinal scanner to perform retinal scans at our Austin office.

If you do not like traditional eye scans, there’s good news for you. With this technology, there will be no hassle of eye drops and the doctor shining bright lights in your eyes that can make you feel uncomfortable.

The scanner can perform eye scans in a second and present a 360-degree view of the retina. Our optometrist will have a look at the scan and identify signs of current and potential eye problems.

With this technology, your regular visits will be less irritating. No more having to sit in front of a microscope as the doctor examines your retina. The process is completely pain-free and much more reliable as well.

Some of its other benefits include:

  • Fast and quick results.
  • No need to use dilating drops.
  • No side effects or discomfort throughout the process.
  • Very affordable – only $39 and covered by some insurance plans.
  • Gives the doctor a 360-degree view of your retina.
  • Provides a permanent record of your eye health.
  • Allows the doctor to see not just current but potential problems as well.
  • May allow the doctor to gauge your overall health by showing signs of other illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes.

Dr. Provost has performed hundreds of Optomap tests and knows the importance of using the latest technology in eye care. Excited about the latest developments, he said:

“An Optomap scan lets us see issues that are hidden inside. We can identify early signs of diseases and ensure problems are well taken care of, even before they become major. We are proud to be offering Optomap scanning at our Austin office and hope it will allow us to serve our patients in an even better manner.”